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Online Mentoring

Get coaching from Alex online to help your business. Everyone has their own needs whether that might be technique knowledge with case studies of their own, how to structure, communicate and even help in business strategies. 



James Ford

"Started Alex's mentoring program in the middle of 2022 and it was great! Communication throughout was first class and very quick to respond. Was great to see how he would analyse a movement and what he would change and why. Would highly recommend to anyone"


Louis Savill

"Working with Alex online has been a huge help. Being able to talk though day to day tendencies and problem solve as a team has helped me find gaps in my knowledge and where to go looking for the answers"


Anders Danielsen

"As the national coach of the Danish u18 girls, I needed to further my understanding of the short game, as well as being able to apply training-regimes to players in a quick and efficient way. 

In working with Alex online, it was clear from the start, that he could see and understand where I was coming from. He was quick to lay out a couple of options on where to start MY process. 

The girls are already benefitting from better training-results and a clearer understanding of what and how to train, as a direct effect of my online mentoring.

After 3 sessions I feel better equipped to handle the development of the players that I work with. With that said, I am by no means done learning, but I have no doubt that I will call upon Alex again."


If you are interested in online mentoring please don't hesitate to get in touch to know more about price and structure 

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