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Club Days

Book a short game experience with Alex at your golf club!

With a list of clinics and a range of formats to choose from, you can create your unique experience for your golf club


The Mission

- Help Members with their short game

- Create revenue for the golf club

- Make a memorable experience for everyone

- Help coaching staff with their teaching


"Alex Buckner is a world-class golf professional whose expertise spans from tour pros to recreational golfers. His short game days at The Wisley Golf Club are consistently outstanding, featuring insightful presentations, flawless demonstrations, and genuine help for our members to enhance their skills. I highly value Alex's contributions as an external coach coming to our golf club to share his experience and knowledge with our members."

Andy Baxter-Horne, Head of Player Development at The Wisley Golf Club

How To Enquire

If interested in this unique experience please email Alex to enquire about your day

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