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Shadow Alex for the day at Bearwood Lakes Golf club. Watch lessons given, structured and communicated to a wide variety of skill level with lunch and a debrief chat after the day.  



Louis Savill

"Shadowing Alex was a great opportunity to understand how key concepts are introduced in lessons. Watching how simple Alex can communicate complex thoughts was amazing. Also to sit down and then talk through the why's and how's at the end of the day was invaluable"


Graham Roberts

"Shadowing Alex was a brilliant experience. Watching Alex coach his players going through his process and then having the opportunity to question anything. I also had a lesson with Alex on the day which added more value to the day by being on the other side of the rope and being coached. If you want to understand how to coach this is a must" 


Matt Law

"My shadowing experience with Alex was one to remember. Alex's expertise and professionalism was highlighted by the way he communicated with his clients and the structure of the lessons. From spending the day with Alex it highlighted the areas of my coaching and business that I need to improve on"


If you are looking to shadow, please get in touch to know  more about prices and structure for the day 

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